Human models are often used in traditional advertising to trigger an emotional response from consumers. They are used to sell cars, apartments, clothes, even furniture. Its proven that this kind of advertising increases sales.

The digital world is rapidly shifting into 3D. We see this with the growing number of AR and VR apps and 3D websites. The problem is those experiences are void of people (real people, not cartoonish people) so they lack emotional depth. We solve this problem by providing avatars which can be used on these platforms. With us, you can put whichever model, influencer, actor, or athlete into your 3D experience.


We use our high-definition 3D scanner to digitise real people then we optimise them so they can be used all platforms, even Facebook and web-pages.

Our scanner consists of 82 DSLR camera which capture a person in 1/600th of a second

Using photogrammetry we convert those into a 3D mesh

Unlike most scanning studios, we optimise the scans so they can be used on all platforms. This scan has been reduced from millions of polygons down to 17,386

This is the final result


Currently there are problems with online fashion retail. Over $10 billion is lost globally due to returns. Customers struggle to make an informed decision on purchasing clothing because they cannot try the clothes on to determine how it looks We have solutions that allow shoppers to see clothing at any angle, change the clothing in real-time and change the shape of the model. While there are existing 3D clothing sites, they either show the garments floating in space with no person inside or use a cartoonish avatar as the model.

These 3D garments are either awkwardly floating in space, which gives no indication of how it would actually look on a person, or presented on a cartoonish looking avatar

We display garments on real models that have been digitised with our 3D scanner

We're even able to put these into Facebook posts as interactive 3D models



Here are some companies we've worked for in the past:




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